In this cateory we discuss about education.

Slide Projector in Education.

Slide projector. Slide projector is a small piece of transparent which is use to show the real things or images.… Read More

Overhead Projector (OHP) in Education.

Overhead projector (OHP). An overhead projector is a device of A-V tool, which is uses in teaching. It is a… Read More

What are the Four Main Factors of Social Changes?

Social change.  Change of social is natural. The social changes occurred in all societies. Social change is may be favorable… Read More

What are the Advantages of Pamphlet?

Pamphlet.  A pamphlet is a printed aid which is made up of single sheet of hard paper. Other name of… Read More

Types of Models of Teaching B.Ed Notes.

Models.  A model is an oldest teaching method. It is non projected aid which is represents the real things having… Read More

Flashcards for Studying! Advantages and Disadvantages.

Flash cards.  Flashcard is a type of hard paper which is containing some pictorial events. The standard form of flash… Read More

What are the Various Types of Graphs?

Graph.  Graph is defined as the visual aid which is use to presenting the data. It is present the data… Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of poster.

Poster.  Poster is a graphic aid as well as teaching tool. It is use for capture the attention of audience.… Read More

10 Types of Chart and Purposes of chart.

Chart.  Chart is a A – V aid which is used for the notice or information. In the chart information… Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulletin Board.

Bulletin board.  Bulletin board is like a notice board but other name is soft board. The bulletin board is made… Read More