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What are the 5 Most Successful businesses?

What is business?

Business is an occupation, profession and commercial activities which is included providing best services. The business is one of the source of income. In the article we discuss about top 5 Business Ideas. Every individual in the world can wants to do business. Business is a system of family and life protection. Internet has a lot of business ideas.


Business is a professional one, in this article we discuss about most successful 5 Business Ideas under 1 lakh. Which is more profitable business. Some people starts business but they have not good knowledge and idea or techniques. Business is a art as well as science.

Top 5 Business Ideas under 1 lakh.

  1. Tuition centre
  2. Gift shop
  3. Bakery business
  4. Broiler farming
  5. Fishing (fishery)

1. Tuition centre:-


Tuition centre is best choice of business. Stat a tuition centre. Where students take extra classes and clear their doubtful topics. It is apart from schools and colleges students also require personal coaching to be able to understand complicated subjects and active knowledge abilities.

The tuition teachers are very demand in India. Tuition teachers fees always increasing as compare to private schools and colleges teachers. A good teacher can change Rs 1000 to 3000 per hour depending on the current standard of students.

2. Gift shop:-


Gift shop is very demanding in India as well as other countries. Today gift is a surprising moment of the individual. Because every individual like gift from others. In the gift shop arrange top branding gift like birthday gift wedding gift anniversary gift and others.

In this world today people are updating because of technology. Now people wants to live in the colorful life. That’s why gift shop can very demand to you.

3. Bakery business:-


Bakery business is a low cost business but it is a very profitable business. You can start Bakery business at home. People like to eat cake and other bakery make eat also. As a bakery business you can make wedding, anniversary and birthday party cake. To sale in the market and incorporated a lot of money.

4. Broiler farming:-


Broiler farming is a best business of income money. Broiler is common mean of people. In the market now broiler is more sale comparison of other meat.

If you interested in broiler production, you can start. It is a profitable business under 1 lakh. Broiler chicken is a special species of poultry as it is scientifically made to produce morning meat in the short time say 6-9 weeks is weight about 1-3 KG. You can gain good market.

5. Fishing ( fishery) :-


Fishery is harvesting of fish and it is a commercial purposes. Now people like to eat fish. If you interested fishery than you can start fishery Business. It is a profitable one. Fish constitutes less than 1% of the world diet, and the various hazards of the industry militate against much growth.

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