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GNWL 1-100 Confirmation Chances. Indian Railway.

GNWL 1-100 Confirmation Chances.


  1. What is General Waiting List?
  2. What is meant by GNWL/WL?
  3. GNWL 1-100 confirmation chances.
  4. What is meant by GNWL/Available?
  5. How the GNWL ticket confirm?
GNWL Confirmation Chances.

#1. What is General Waiting List? 

The general waiting list (GNWL) is a very common type train ticket status. In general waiting list ticket is highest chances to confirm. The general waiting list ticket you can book from the railway station and from the online booking. If your ticket is confirmed you can allotted to travel otherwise not allotted to travel. 

#2. What is meant by GNWL/WL? 

This means total number of waiting ticket booking/ current status for the ticket. For example, GNWL33/WL20 it means 33-20=13 people have cancelled the ticket after booking. This is give an idea how many tickets was cancel.

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#3. GNWL 1-100 confirmation chances. 

The general waiting list ticket is highest chances to confirm. The GNWL ticket is confirm after cancel of the confirmed ticket. So, there are more chances to confirm. The GNWL ticket confirmation chances like this…. 

  • GNWL 1-20 confirmation chance is about 100%. 
  • GNWL 20-40 confirmation chance is about 90%. 
  • The GNWL 40-60 confirmation chance is about 80%. 
  • The GNWL 60-100 confirmation chance is about 50%. 

#4. What is meant by GNWL/Available? 

This means confirm ticket status. If your ticket is showing GNWL/Available that means your seat is confirmed.

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#5. How the GNWL ticket confirm? 

The general waiting list ticket is confirm after cancellation of confirmed ticket. And it will depend on time, route, train and other factors. If you have booked ticket before the 3 months then your ticket confirmation chance is 100% if your waiting list is below 20. If the journey is long time and long route you will get more chances to confirm the ticket. One reason to confirm the ticket if flight ticket is going very discount that time some people are cancel train ticket because it refundable. 

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