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PQWL 1-100 Confirmation chances. Indian Railway.

PQWL 1-100 Confirmation chances. 


  1. What is PQWL? 
  2. PQWL 1-100 confirmation chances. 
  3. Can I travel if my ticket is PQWL? 
  4. What to do if ticket is not confirmed? 
PQWL 1-100 Confirmation chances.

#1. What is PQWL? 

PQWL means pooled quota waiting list. It is one type of waiting list in the Indian railway. Under pooled quota waiting list the passengers travelling in between intermediate station and have a separate waiting list from the general waiting list. Only one quota is available in the running train and pooled quota is operate from the starting station.  

If your ticket is not confirmed then you can not travel. And your refund will be automatically credit in your bank account within 3 to 7 working days. 

#2. PQWL 1-100 confirmation chances. 

  •  PQWL 1-10 confirmation chances is about 80%. 
  • The PQWL 10-20 confirmation chances is about 70%. 
  • The PQWL 20-50 confirmation chances is about 40% (almost impossible) 
  • And the PQWL 50-100 confirmation chances is  impossible.

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#3. Can I travel if my ticket is PQWL? 

The pooled quota waiting list generally allotted the passengers travelling from the starting station to a station short of the intermediate station. You can travel if your booked online.

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#4. What to do if ticket is not confirmed? 

If your booking is online then you are not eligible for travel because you will get refund. If you need to travel that day, you must take a general ticket for travel. And one thing you can do, talk to station master and approach a confirmation seat. 

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