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How Can I Pass My First Year BSc Nursing Exam?

BSc nursing is a professional undergraduate study, which is more demanding. In this article we discuss all about BSc nursing like syllabus, scope, passing marks and how to pass BSc nursing 1st year exam?

  1. BSc nursing course
  2. BSc nursing 1st subjects
  3. Eligibility criteria
  4. Passing marks
  5. How can I pass my first year BSc nursing exam?
  6. Preparation for examination.
  7. How to write in examination paper?

#1. BSc nursing course.

BSc nursing is a four year under graduate programme. The programme is prepares to become a responsible citizens. The nurses responsibilities are care the patients. The course is registered by Indian Nursing Council (INC).

#2. BSc nursing 1st year subjects.

B.sc nursing 1st year subjects are basically same in the state and countries. State government included two subjects extra where the subjects exam is not compulsory. BSc nursing 1st subjects (INC) are following

Main subjects

  1. Anatomy and physiology.
  2. Nutrition and Biochemistry.
  3. Nursing Foundation.
  4. Psychology.
  5. Microbiology.

Extra subjects

  1. English
  2. Hindi

#3. Eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria for BSc nursing are students should pass 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with he or she showed be medically fit.

#4. Passing Marks.

B.sc nursing passing marks is 50%.

#5. How can I pass my first year BSc nursing exam?

Is B.sc nursing is hard or easy? Generally B.sc nursing is a hard course as compare to other courses. According to students, B.sc nursing is a both hard or easy course because those who are not study a little hour every day that students think b.sc nursing is a hard course and otherwise easy course. B.sc nursing which is full depends on the students.

#6. Preparation For Examination.

For preparation of examination follow the below instructions, you can easily got pass marks.

  1. Study minimum three hours every day
  2. Focus on the class (offline & online)
  3. Thinking the class study
  4. Clear the every doubt from the teacher
  5. Know your study style
  6. Group discussion
  7. Understandably read
  8. Complete the subjects notes
  9. Diagram or funny study
  10. Follow the teacher guide.

#7. How to write in examination paper?

Examination paper writing is very important. Examiner gives marks depends on the content writing skills. Presentation is most important to got good marks.

Follow the instructions

  • Neat and clean hand writing.
  • Presentation.
  • Well content (Grammar).
  • Fulfill the require pages.
  • Write in black pen.
  • Follow the exam guide.

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