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What is the Principle of community health nursing?

Principles of community health nursing.

Definition of community health nursing:-

According to American Nurses Association (ANA- 1986), community health nursing is defined as a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice, applied to promoting and preserving the health populations. Health maintenance, health education and management coordination and continuity of care are used in a holistic approach to management of the health care of individuals, families and group in a community.

13 principles of community health nursing.

  1. To promote, protect and preserved the health.
  2. To protection of diseases.
  3. Promote, protect and preserve the environment which is contribute the health.
  4. To support others health team members.
  5. To provide care for community people.
  6. To promote cleanliness and prevention of spread of diseases of the environment.
  7. Respect the rights of the client and care giver and nurses should focuses on the linkage between health and illness.
  8. To achieve the client good health.
  9. Advocate for healthy public policy.
  10. Co-operate, co-ordinate and collaborate the patients.
  11. Community health nursing is enable the system that support health contribute to health for all.
  12. Community health nursing is refers to the check of the society and society people health status.
  13. To determine the health status of community people.

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