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Cultural Factors of Social Change in Sociology.

Social change. 

Change of social is natural. The social changes occurred in all societies. Social change is may be favorable or unfavorable. 

Social change is refers to the something is happens new. It is includes climate, session, political, education etc. 

Definition of social change. 

“Social change as any alterations as occurs in social organization that is the structure and functions of society”. 

Cultural factors of social change. 

The cultural factors of social change is describe below-

According to WF Ogburn, “The study of cultural factors in social changes the cultural lag is very necessary”. 

Cultural lag. 

According to the WF Ogburn there are two types of culture. They are as following – 

  • 1. Material culture. 

The material culture refers to the physical objects of a society. The material culture includes all the material things such as tools, machines, houses, roads, dams, cars, trains or all economic good. 

  • 2. Non material culture. 

The material culture refers to the non physical aspects of a society. The non material things such as religion, caste, government, education and customs. 

When the material culture change and it will inter stimulate the non material culture. When the change takes place in material culture it will affect the structure and functions of non material aspects of culture. So, the material culture change rapidly. 

The cultural lag takes place, when the material culture change more rapidly and this changes is not adjust with non material culture. 

The cultural lag is the term which is between the material and non material culture. Now the social is moves towards the technology. 

The people has changes their methods of agriculture but not the method of ownership and the people has changed the method of welfare. It is common aspects that culture plays a dominant role bringing about social change. 

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