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List Any Two Causes of Disintegration of Caste System.

Caste system. 

The word caste is derived from the Spanish word Casta which means bread, race or a complex of hereditary qualities. The term caste is famous in India known by the name of Jati. The English word caste is an adjustment of the original term. 


When a class is some what strictly hereditary we may call it as caste. 

Caste status is wholly pre-determine so that men are born to their lot without any hope of changing it, then class takes the extreme form of caste. 

Disintegration of caste system. 

Two disintegration of caste system as follows-

  • 1. Modern education. 

The modern education change the caste system. Modern education has encourages the inter caste marriage. It is disintegration of food habits, occupation, social division. So, it is one factor which is unfavorable to the caste system. 

  1. 2. Industrialization. 

It is one of the major effect on the caste system. The growth of industry, people are moving towards the industry . The people are discontinue their caste system and religion. And the industry is breaks the caste panchayat. 

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