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The Methods of Population in India.

The Methods of Population Control in India.

Population explosion. 

The word population means unexpected over growth of people. The growth of population is very rapid. And increasing of people in the per kilometer of area. 

The increasing of people is a big problem some country even India also. The problem of over population has almost become world phenomenon today. 

There is no estimation for the exact day or month the worlds population surpassed each of the 1 and 2 billion marks. 

Methods of population control in India. 

There are so many methods to control population. 

Methods of population control in India


#1. Family planning. 

Family planning is very important to control population. Now in modern family planning inevitable methods for population control. In modern family plan for only two children. 

#2. Birth control methods. 

It is a essential method to control of population. Birth control method includes contraceptives, tablets, drugs, sterilization, tubectomy, vasectomy, abortion of unwanted child. 

#3. Minimum age of marriage. 

Minimum age of marriage can control population. Child marriage should be banned. Minimum age of marriage for boys from 21 to 24 years and girls age of marriage is 18 to 21 years. 

#4. Improvement in status of woman. 

In family planning is link on the woman. Improvement of woman education and employment. So, it is one type of population control method.  

#5. Improvement of education. 

Education is very important for survive in the world. The educated persons are know the how to control population. The education is develop the life style. So, therefore it is important method to control population. 

#6. Self control. 

Self control means the inner decision of an individual. It has many possible way like celibacy, postponing marriage, raising age of marriage etc. 

#7. Use of protection. 

During the sexual relation should use the protection. Sexual protection includes condoms, tablets etc. So it is a population control method. 

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