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The Social Mobility in Sociology.

Social mobility. 

The movement of people from one caste to another caste, poor to rich, one position to another position or status is called social mobility. 

Definition of mobility. 

The mobility is defines as “the changes of individual status or position. The changes may be upward or downward”. 

Examples of social mobilization of people. 

  1. The poor people may become rich. 
  2. The farmer’s may become ministers. 
  3. A rich man may become poor. 

Types of social mobility. 

There are two types of social mobility.

Types of social mobility

  • 1. Vertical mobility. 

It means the movements of people from one status to another is called vertical mobility. It involves in class, occupation, or power. The vertical mobility may be upward or downward. 

  • Upward. 

The upward mobility refers to the movement of people from lower status to upper status or lower class to upper class. For example, a farmer become a minister. 

  • Downward. 

The downward mobility means the movement of people or groups from upper class to lower class. For example, A business man becomes a poor man. 

  • 2. Horizontal mobility. 

It refers to the change of a person without change in status. For example, A bank manager transfer to another branch. 

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