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What are the Motherboard Components?

What is motherboard? 

Motherboard is a electrical circuit which is physically present inside the computers, laptops and mobiles. The motherboard is facilitates the communication between the components of computers laptops and mobiles. The motherboard is run all over the device. 

A motherboard is a circuit board inside General purpose computing systems. It is control all the systems of a device such as monitor, central processing unit (CPU), memory, random access memory (RAM) and other components.

It is typically made up of copper and fiberglass. The processors and memories are included to function best and fasting the device. Different types of processors and memories are attached with the motherboard for higher function and running smoothly. It’s difficult to match every types CPU and memory to a motherboard. Hard drives are almost match all the motherboard.

A computer motherboard found inside the computer casing, where is almost all the connection. It is a main point of a computer. Motherboard access all the internal and external parts. 

The earlier motherboard design only the CPU and some cards ports. It was first IBM PC motherboard. Users inserted various types of memory, controller floppy drives into the slots given. The first motherboard company developers designed a motherboard which was not based on IBM. Intel architecture launched a new CPU.

What are the Motherboard Components

Motherboard components.

Motherboard components are describe bellow-

#1. Mouse or touch pad.

The mouse other wise known as pointing device. It is a two dimensional motion which is relative to a surface. Its motion work as a pointer on display, which is indicates the things. Its a hand fitting device and it is help in work too fast. 

The mouse is contains two buttons (left and right) and scroll up and down wheel. 

  • Left button: clicking the button two times it opens a new things or inter the programs. 
  • Right button: single click, this is frequently opens a context menu. 

Basically mouse is two types one is mouse with wire and other is mouse without wire (wireless). Different designated mouse are available on market.

#2. CPU.

 Central processing unit (CPU) is refers to the centre point of the computer. The CPU controls all the functions of a computer. It is maintain the input and output of a computer. Different types of powerful CPUs are available in the market. 

Central Processing Unit is most important part of a computer, it’s of electrical circuit and it is executes computer program. Most of the CPUs are implemented on integrated circuit microprocessors. And the CPU also contains memory, peripheral interfaces and other components of a computer.  

Every computer faster depends on the computer processor. Processing performance of a computer is increased by using multi core processor.

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#3. RAM. 

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a form of computer memory that is usable for the store of working data and machine code. It is access all the running programs and it is help the CPU function. It is direct access the storage media. 

A RAM contains multiplexing and demultiplexing circuitry. It is access the data lines to the addressed storage for reading or writing the entry.  Widely two types of RAM are used static RAM and dynamic RAM. The memory cells are the building blocks of computer memory. And the memory cells are the electrical circuit. So, it is an important part of a computer.

#4. Universal Serial Bus (USB).

Universal Serial Bus is a port which is use to connect the other devices such as mobiles. It is an important part of a computer. The USB port is use to transfer the from the other devices. Motherboard allows to connect the users external devices such as printers, scanners, pen drive etc. We can connect external mouse and keyboard also.  

There are different types of USB such as USB- A, USB- B, USB- C, USB- mini, USB- micro, USB- 3 etc. 

#5. Keyboard.

It is an another component of computer, which is use typing text and coding. It’s a peripheral input device, which is arrangement of buttons or keys. The keyboard is includes alphabet, number, special characters, ctrl, shift, alt, fn, enter, backspace etc. 

The keyboard is use to shortcut keys. And the keyboard is a manual control of the computer.  

#6. Basic Input/output System (BIOS).

The BIOS is system of a computer, which is very responsible for running computer. It is lead the hardware and the operating systems. It is transfer frequencies to the internal and external devices such as mouse, keyboard etc. And the BIOS contains the firmware of the motherboard. BIOS is work as a running faster of a computer. And it make boot faster, repair of the USB ports etc.  

#7. Cooling Fans.

When the electricity flows between the computer, that time the computer automatically heat generate. The cooling fans are use to maintain the computers, laptops average temperature. Too much heat can damage the computer motherboard components. It exchange the air from the casing to outside. Some elements such as video adapter cards, have dedicated cooling fans.

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#8. Chipsets.

Chipsets are important part of a computer, the chipsets control the computer hardware and buses are interact with the CPU and other components. It determines the computer speeds, processor, RAM etc. The first type of chipset is Northbridge chipset. And the second chipset is Southbridge chipset. It also control the USB port and connectors.

#9. Adapter Cards and Expansion Slot.

To enhance the company functionality the adapter cards integrated into the motherboard. The expansion slot is provided because of users can install compatible adapter cards. And it is connect the other devices. 

#10. Storage.

The storage is space where  images, videos, data, transparencies and other things can store. Storage is install in the hard drives. And the storage can help to run faster and perform better of a computer. All the software’s, applications are installed in the store. We can make different portions of storage to identify.  

#11. CMOS battery.

It is a small battery found in the motherboard of every computer. When the computer is powered down internal function is activate by the CMOS battery. It is also help to store the BIOS information and boot of a computer.

#12. Front Panel Connectors.

Front panel connectors connect the light. Power button light, USB light etc. 

#13. Power Connector.

The power connector is supply the electricity to the computer. The power supply connector has 20 pins and converts 110-V AC power into +/- 12- Volt, +/- 5- Volt, and 3.3- Volt direct current (DC) power.

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