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Harsha Behavioral Center - Terre Haute, IN | Reviews.

Harsha Behavioral Center.

The Harsha Behavioral Center is a mental health care hospital established in August 2008. Which is providing high quality and effective care. It is a freestanding acute care psychiatric hospital serving children, adolescents, adult, and geriatrics. Aim of this association is providing comprehensive psychiatric assessments and a tailored treatment plan for the patients with a wide range of psychiatric issues.

Harsha Behavioral Center

It is a well-developed psychiatric health care hospital. Well trained psychiatrists are available in this hospital. And they are providing a rapid response to the patient with minimal time and mental health care services. 

Their goal is to evaluate and stabilize the patient in a protective and nurturing environment so that effective treatment can continue an outpatient basis in a less restricted environmental. And their mission is to provide integrated mental health services.  They are restoring the quality of lives and they serve with respect.

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Harsha Behavioral Center Services.

The Harsha Behavioral Center believe in patient centered care and they are focus on the providing comprehensive, compassionate and innovative mental health services to individuals in crisis. Their services are; 

  • Addiction 
  • Psychiatric and clinical 
  • Nursing 
  • Social 
  • Dietary 
  • Family support 
  • Medical specialized etc. 

Admission process. 

The Harsha Behavioral Center admission process is offline and online. Offline form is available in the hospital and online form available in the official website. At first you must fill up the form and submit. And then they will call you after receiving the referral form.  

Criteria for admissions. 

  • Suicidal or homicidal ideation or suicidal attempt. 
  • Harm to self or others. 
  • Severely depressed mood, feelings helplessness, severely impaired contact with reality, or severely disorganized thinking. 
  • Recent incident of significant self mutilation, significant risk taking, or loss of impulse control resulting in danger to self or others. 
  • Admission is court ordered.

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What should you bring? 

You can bring some light things like; 

  • Socks 
  • Shorts, jeans, pajamas 
  • Blouses or t-shirts and only sports bra 
  • Light jacket 
  • Sweat pants/ shirts 
  • Brush and comb  
  • Patient’s medications. 

They will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

What items are prohibited? 

  • Cell phones, electronic items  
  • Guns, recording devices, cameras 
  • Anything that is flammable 
  • Make up, body piercing  

Only appropriate and safe under garments are permitted. 

Harsha Behavioral Center Fees. 

Inpatient services fees – 

3-5 days stay $3300 – $8000 

6-12 day stay $6600 – $1700.

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