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The NorthStar Psychiatry - Beaverton! Reviews.

NorthStar Psychiatry. 

The NorthStar Psychiatry is a mental health care service. They are providing effective mental health care to the patient according to the patient’s condition. Aim of this association is providing comprehensive psychiatric assessments and a tailored treatment plan for the patients with a wide range of psychiatric issues.

NorthStar Psychiatry

It is a well-developed psychiatric health care service. Well trained psychiatrists are available in this association. And they are providing a rapid response to the patient with minimal time and mental health care services. 

Their goal is to evaluate and stabilize the patient in a protective and nurturing environment so that effective treatment can continue an outpatient basis in a less restricted environmental. And their mission is to provide integrated mental health services.  They are restoring the quality of lives and they serve with respect.

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The NorthStar Psychiatry treatment is based on the TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). TMS treatment is mainly for the depression, it is clinically proven to be an effective and non-invasive alternative for those who are not able to find relief from prescription medications. TMS treatment has no side effects. 

Their TMS treatment process. 

  • TMS is a non-invasive treatment. TMS treatment is performed on an outpatient basis in a relaxed office setting. 
  • The patient is seated in a comfortable chair during the session. 
  • TMS helmet is placed on the patient’s head. 
  • Rapid magnetic pulses are administered for 20-30 minutes  
  • The patient can then drive to work or school and resume all normal daily activities.

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Their services. 

They are a caring, holistic approach to Psychiatry to treat a variety of mental health issues such as

  • Depression 
  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • PTSD 
  • Med management 
  • Women’s mental health 
  • Behavioral and emotional disorders. 

The NorthStar Psychiatry team.

  1. Dr. Andrew Williams, General Psychiatrist. 
  2. Kyong Zu Park, PMHNP, M.S.N., ANCC. 
  3. Marisa Goldfinger, M.S.N. 
  4. Sara BaDour, M.S. 
  5. Ana Cupp, M.S.W. 
  6. Jessica Bentira- Jimenez, M.S.N. 
  7. Kendra Pittman, M.S.W. 
  8. Victor Hernandez, M.S.W.

Official Website: https://www.beyondmeds.co/

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