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Contiki Tour Reviews! How to Book Contiki Tour?

Contiki is a most popular travel agency which specializes in guided tours for young adults aged 18 to 35. It is an organized, culturally immersive trip led by expert guides, where traveler’s get to explore new and interesting places and make friends from all over the world, with zero hassle, delicious meals included and multiple travel styles to choose from. They are provide affordable fares to the traveler. They have travel experts for guidance and assistance to the traveler. And they offer a wide range of tours to various destinations around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Latin America and others.

Contiki Tour

The Contiki tours designed to provide a balance between the planned activities. They are allowing travelers to explore each destination. The are provide facility such as accommodation, transportation between destinations, meals, a tour manager who provides information, guidance and assistance throughout the trip. 

 The Contiki travel company is great for the traveler. It is known for their social aspect, as they attract like-minded travelers who are looking to make new friends and have fun experience together. Book with Contiki, and join a global community.

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How to book? 

To book Contiki tour follow the instructions-

  • At first click on the search bar (top right side). It will show you all the country and most popular trips. Click on your favorite country, it will show you all the trip place. 
  • Next click on view trip. It will show trip details. Next click on view dates. 
  • Next schedule your trip. 
  • And Next click on book now button. And it will show you booking summary. Proceed to payment and pay. Next download your invoice. 

Cancellation policy. 

When you book a trip with them, you don’t just get seamless transport, amazing accommodation and experts guides – you also get their flexibility promise. There is no cancellation fees, if you are cancel 60 days before of your departure. 

How much does the Contiki tour cost? 

A round the world ticket can range wildly, between $1500-$20000 depends on your flight mileage, your route, whether you are flying economy or not. 

Can you go on Contiki if you are over 35? 

Contiki tours are designed exclusively for 18 to 35 years old. The company’s mission is to create memorable travel experience. It is not appropriate for over 35 years old. 

Can couples go on Contiki? 

Contiki is a great choice for young couples looking to explore the world with a group of young.

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