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Characteristics of Community Health Nursing.

Definition of health.

According to WHO health is defined as “the state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity.”

Community health nursing.

According to American Nurses Association (ANS) in 1986 community health nursing is synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice, applied to promoting and preserving the health of populations. Health promotion, health maintenance, health education and management, coordination and continuity of care are used in holistic approach to the management of health care of individuals, families and groups in a community.

Characteristics of community health nursing.

There are so many characteristics of community health nursing. Some characteristics are as follows-

Characteristics of Community Health Nursing


#1. It is a field of nursing.

Community health nursing is a field of nursing. Nursing is professional field because it means provide care to the client. Community health nursing is helps to the community people. Community health nursing include to safe the community life and promote the health of the society and prevention of diseases.

#2. It combines public health with nursing.

Public health otherwise known as the community health. The community health nursing is combination of public health and nursing. Public and nurse should be interrelated to each other, to did increase the health status. Public health refers to promotion of health status in community.

#3. It is population focuses.

The community health nursing specially focuses on community people and their health status.

#4. It emphasizes prevention, health promotion and wellness.

Community health nursing is synthesis of nursing practice and preserving of health of populations. It is prevention of diseases and promotion of health and health status. It is provide health care to the community people.

#5. It promotes client responsibility and self care.

The nurses are responsible for care and observe the patients. Community health nursing is responsible for community people and social health status check by the community health nurse. The nurses should have their own decision and self care.

#6. It uses aggregate measurement and analysis.

Community health nurse is aggregate measurement of health and analysis community health status. It analysis the social disease factors and promotion of health.

#7. It uses principles of organizational theory.

Community health nurse is uses the doctor order, roles and regulations from the basis of theory. It uses the principles of health, how to promote health and prevention of diseases.

#8. It involves inter-professional collaboration.

Community health nurse is professional of health. It involves the health status and management of health and education profession.

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