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Scope of Community Health Nursing.

Scope of Community Health Nursing

The scope of community health nursing is the field of job/ works and other professionals. It is refers to provide care of patient as a nurse or health professionals.

The scope of community health nursing listed below

scope of community health nursing

#1. Home care

The home care refers to provide health care of the patient own home. A large number of clients can be adequately cared for at home by extending certain hospital services. The hospital takes up the responsibility in co-ordinating these services by providing personnel or equipment.

#2. Nursing homes

Nursing home is a branch of medical science, which is run by private. The nursing home provide better medical care facilities than the government hospital, because they charge more fees.

#3. MCH & family planning

MCH means Maternal and Child Health. The community health nurse play a important role in MCH and family planning services. It includes the anti-natal, intra-natal, postnatal and child care services. The community health nurse is responsible for the child care services and family welfare programme.

#4. School health nursing

The community health nurse is can provide services to promote and protect the health health of school going students. The school health nursing include the immunization, first aid, health education, mental health, school sanitation and maintenance of school health.

#5. Community health nursing services

The community health nurse should provide primary health care in the community. It is include the promotion of health and prevention of disease, nutritional needs in the community. It is examine the anti-natal and postnatal visitors.

#6. Industrial health nursing services

The nurse can also work in industries. The industrial health nursing services are care of sick, first aid, industrial sanitation and safety.

#7. Domiciliary nursing services

The medical services provide at home of the community people. It include services are maturity services, health supervision and disease prevention services and service for illness.

#8. Mental health nursing services

Mental health services are not only for the diagnosis and treatment purpose, it is also prevention, promoting good mental health and preventing mental illness. It is include following

  • Early diagnosis and treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental health education
  • Use of modern psychoactive drugs.

#9. Rehabilitation centres

Rehabilitation centres are treated the drugs addicted or alcohol taking people.

#10. Geriatric nursing services

The geriatric nursing service is a specially focused on health care of elderly people.

The services include the preventing and treating diseases and disabilities of olderly people.

Promotion health of elderly people.

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