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Branches of Sociology in Nursing.

What is Sociology? 

Sociology is the study of social science which deals or importantly focused on the society, human social behavior, social relationship, social interaction with the every day life. It is the understanding of the society and social cultural behavior and knowledge. 

The sociology is analyses the society. It is based on the social class, social stratification, religion law sexuality and gender. Social community is the understanding of live together in a society. Social behavior is a how people behave each other and social is include the culture also. 

The social life means regulation of the behavior of human and largely make a personality. An example how people organize, interact, established each other. Political response and economical response comes under the sociology. 

Branches of Sociology.

Branches of sociology are as follows-

Branches of Sociology

#1: Theoretical Sociology.

Theoretical branch of sociology is the principles of the society. It means the roles and regulations. How people behave, interact, live and deals with one another that we must know from the basis of the theories. This theories are nicely describe the sociologists Karl Marx, Auguste Comte, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Sorokin etc. are studied under the theories of sociology. This theories helps the social ideas.

#2: Historical Sociology.

Historical sociology is the another branch of sociology. It means the study of history of sociology. It is study about the social facts and groups. Different people have different religions and cultures. The civilization of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Greek, Christian etc. 

#3: Sociology of knowledge.

It is one of the important branch of sociology.  Social knowledge is very important to live in a society. Social knowledge teach about how people behave and interact with one another. It is teach the social phenomena.  It helps to understand people, culture and society also. 

#4: Sociology of Criminology.

Criminology is the study of criminal behavior. Crime is a bad effect of the society and it’s investigation is very important from the basis of law. Types of crime, nature, causes, as well as punishment, police etc. So, We must check the crime rate it increase or decrease.  

#5: Sociology of Religion.

Every country has different religions and living together. Every religion has their own culture, roles and regulations. Some religions are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc.

#6: Sociology of Economy.

Socio-economic status is one of the basement of the society. It means the study of production, distribution, consumption and provide services. Good socio-economic status develop the society. 

#7: Rural Sociology.

It is a branch of sociology which deals with the rural people and the style of life, culture, tradition, norms and values etc. It is describe the scientific ways of rural society. Rural people social behavior and as well as interaction. 

#8: Urban Sociology.

In this branch of sociology we discuss about the urban people and the study of urban social, culture, tradition, norms etc. This branch study of urban society from the basis of scientific ways.

Urban people are totally different from the rural people because they are more educated people. It study about the urban people behavior, crime, unemployment, environment pollution etc. 

#9: Political Sociology.

Political sociology is a society as well as some different parties. In this branch deals with the social help from the political parties. In India has so many political parties. They help the society through the institution, hospital etc. This branch study about the political situation and political people behavior also. 

#10: Sociology of Demography.

In this branch we are study about the demography of social people. Demography means highlights the points. Social people behavior, culture, religion, tradition, norms etc. these are study in this branch. It is determined the factors affecting the society and change the people. 

#11: Sociology of Law.

Every society has their own roles and regulations. As a society people must follow the society roles and regulations. In this branch we study about the social laws which control the social. Law is very important part of society. Law is the system of problem solving. 

#12: Industrial Sociology.

Social is a bunch of people who living together in a society. To live people has needs some elements which are produced by the industry. Industry is very important to the society. Industry can provide work an unemployment person. 

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