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Five Importance of Sociology.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of social science which deals or importantly focused on the society, human social behavior, social relationship, social interaction with the every day life. Sociology is the understanding of the society and social cultural behavior and knowledge. 

The sociology is analyses the society. It is based on the social class, social stratification, religion law sexuality and gender. Social community is the understanding of live together in a society. The social behavior is a how people behave each other and social is include the culture also. 

Social life means regulation of the behavior of human and largely make a personality. An example how people organize, interact, established each other. Political response and economical response comes under the sociology. 

Importance of sociology.

Sociology play a vital role in social or society which is helps to understand social behavior, social life and social problems etc. The importance of sociology are as following-

Importance of sociology

#1. Sociology is studies society in a scientific ways.

People can fulfill their needs through the scientific ways. Scientific knowledge about human society is needed in order to achieve the goals and progress in various fields. 

#2. Sociology improve our understanding society.

Because social has some different cultures where we know about different cultures. Sociology is like a institution where we can gain a lot of knowledge. 

#3. Sociology helps to become broadminded.

The sociology has own applied fields. Sociology helps to achieve our goals and ambitions. It helps overcome prejudices this conception egastic ambitions and religious hatreds. 

#4. Sociology on lightness us regarding the major social institution.

Sociology is like a institution. Social institution decide the strength and weakness of society. Social institution find the solution of social problems. The Social institution play a vital role in social life and save social. 

#5. Social planning.

It is one way to improve our society. Sociology must have their own planning to organize the society. 

#6. Tribal welfare.

It helps many govt. in undertaking various welfare measure to promote the welfare of people.

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