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What are the Five Nature of Sociology?

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of social science which deals or importantly focused on the society, human social behavior, social relationship, social interaction with every day life. Sociology is the understanding of the society and social cultural behavior knowledge. It is used to change of social or society.

Sociology is analyses the society. It is based on the social class, social stratification, religion, law, sexuality and gender. Social community is the understanding of live together in a society. The social behavior is a how people behave each other and social is include the culture also.

Social life means regulation of the behavior of human and largely make a personality. An example, how people organize, interact, established each other. Political response and economical response comes under the sociology.


The word sociology is derived from the two words the Latin word Socius meaning companion of an associate and the Greek word Logos meaning study of science.


Sociology is defined as the society science which deals with the social understanding and social relationship.

According to Auguste Comte, sociology as the science of phenomena subject to nature and invariable Law’s, the discovery of which is the object of investigation.

Auguste Comte is the founder of Sociology.

Scope of Sociology.

Sociology is the scientific study of society. Its the bonding network which guide about the live in a society. It is teach about how individual respect on one another. Sociology is helps to understand people. A sociology student change the social or develop the society. To make a peaceful society, sociology is very important.

The scope of Sociology is divided into two categories-

  1. Formalistic School.
  2. Synthetic School.

#1: Formalistic School.

Formalistic school means formally people believe in a different way social culture and relationship.

George Simmel, sociology is special science that describe the forms of social relationship.

Alboin Woodbury Small, scope of sociology is the study of generals form of social relationship, behavior and activities etc.

Max Weber, aim of sociology is to interpret or understand social behavior but it doesn’t include all human interact on social.

According to Ferdinand Tonnies, He also has supported the formalistic school. He has differentiated between social and community on the basis of forms of relationship.

#2: Synthetic School.

The synthetic school wants to make sociology synthesis of the social science or general science.

Durkheims View.

According to Durkheim view sociology has three division-

  • Social morphology.
  • Social physiology.
  • General sociology.

Hob House.

Sociology is a synthesis many social studies and its three fields.

First field:- Sociologist.

Second field:- Inter connect the results arrived by the different social science.

Third field:- He should interpret social life as a whole.

Sorokins view.

The study of relationship between the different of social phenomena.

It is the study of relationship between the science and non social.

The study of generals features of social phenomena.

Nature of sociology.

The nature of sociology are as following-

Nature of sociology

#1: Sociology is an independent science. 

It is an independent science because of sociology is depends on own science and it has own field. Sociology is not treated and studied any other sciences like philosophy or political philosophy or history. It has own cultural characteristics and boundary also. This is a important nature of sociology.

#2: Sociology is a social science not a physical science. 

Sociology is a social science because sociology importantly focused on behavior, social activities and social life. It is like a institution where individual know about all the behavior. Social is a special group where people living together and help each other’s. 

The fact of sociology deals with social distinguishes it from astronomy, physical, chemistry, geography, mathematics and other physical sciences.

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#3: Sociology is categorical and not a normative discipline. 

Sociology confines itself statements about what it is. It doesn’t means that sociological knowledge is unless and serves no purposes. Sociology is a discipline can not deal with problems of good and evil. 

#4: Sociology is a pure science and not an applied science.  

Each pure science may have it’s own applied fields. Pure science means fundamental, basic or natural science. The pure science is deals with the presentation, experimentation and scientific methods. Each pure science may have more than one application. For example physical is a pure science and engineering is a applied sciences. Sociology is a administration of diplomacy and social work. 

#5: Sociology is relatively an abstract science not a concrete science. 

Sociology is also related to the human events and it is not interested in concrete only. Sociology is not study only society it is study about human behavior, culture, religion etc. 

#6: Sociology is both rational and an empirical science. 

Rationalism stress reason and the results from logical inference. 

Empiricism:- It emphasis experiences and the fact that results from observation and experimentation. 

Importance of Sociology.

Sociology play a vital role in social or society which is helps to understand social behavior, social life and social problems etc. The importance of sociology are as follows-

#1. Sociology is studies society in a scientific ways:-

People can fulfill their needs through the scientific ways. Scientific knowledge about human society is needed in order to achieve the goals and progress in various fields. 

#2. Sociology improve our understanding society:-

Because social has some different cultures where we know about different cultures. Sociology is like a institution where we can gain a lot of knowledge.

#3. Sociology helps to become broadminded:-

The sociology has own applied fields. Sociology helps to achieve our goals and ambitions. It helps overcome prejudices this conception egestic ambitions and religious hatreds. 

#4. Sociology on lightness us regarding the major social institution:-

Sociology is like a institution. Social institution decide the strength and weakness of society. Social institution find the solution of social problems. The social institution play a vital role in social life and save social. 

#5. Social planning:-

It is one way to improve our society. Sociology must have their own planning to organize the society. Social behavior and norms are maintain by the social planning.

#6. Tribal welfare:-

It helps many govt. in undertaking various welfare measure to promote.

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