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Characteristics of tribes in India.

Characteristics of tribe. 


A tribe is a large collection of people which is separate from other groups through the higher population density. 

The tribe group of people has their common name, behavior, culture and territory. 


“A tribe is a collection of families bearing common name, speaking a common dialect, occupying or professing to occupy a common territory and is not usually endogamous. Though originally it might have been so”. 

Characteristics of tribe. 

There are so many characteristics of tribe as follows – 

Characteristics of tribe. 

#1. Common territory. 

Tribe refers to the group of people. Tribe people are living together in geographical boundary. The tribal people has their own definite form of territory. 

#2. Common name. 

Each and things has definite particular name and human and animal also. So, tribe people has their own name. For examples- Todus, Yaravas, Khashi etc. 

#3. Common dialect. 

Every people have their own speech. Dialect means only a common language, which does not have script. So, every tribe has own dialect. 

#4. Common culture. 

Every individual having their own culture and society also. The tribe group individual has their own culture. It differs from culture of citizen people. 

#5. Common religion. 

Every society includes different people who live together. Every individual has their own religion.  

Tribe refers to the collection of people. Tribal community has their own culture. Tribal religion is different from on tribal community to other. It plays an important role in tribal organization. 

#6. Authority of the chief. 

Authority of chief means who is organize the group or write about the group. It is very important for the tribal organization. It is one of the chief of the tribal groups. 

#7. Endogamy. 

Every individual Marry with their own community or own cultural people. Tribal people marry with their tribal organization. Tribal people are endogamous in nature because they are practice clan exogamy. 

#8. Blood relatives. 

Every people has their own blood relatives like father, mother, son, doughter etc. The tribe peoples are related by blood because of practicing endogamy. 

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