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Development of self concept.

Development of self concept. 

Self concept. 

It is a process of thinking something of our inner self. The thinking should be valid for both social psychology or humanism. And it is also refers as “self identify, self respective and self picture”. So, self concept is our ability or uniqueness of self imaging. 

Components of self concept. 

There are two types of self concept like – 

Components of self concept. 

#1. Personality identity. 

The individual characteristics, attitudes, personality and other physical and psychological features that makes a person unique. 

#2.Social identity. 

The self concept of social identity that means the social characteristics and roles & regulation within living a society. We all people are belongs from like community, religion and various other social groups. 

Development of self concept. 

The self concept is unique awareness of own-self. The development of self concepts taken place when the individual is debatable. The growth of self concept mostly influence during age group of 3-8 years old. The major implications of self concept development such as individual behavior, cognitive and emotional status, anxiety levels, social integration and life satisfaction. 

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