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What is the Importance of motivation in Learning?

What is motivation?

What is motivation?

The word motivation is derived from the “motive” which means desire or needs that to be satisfied. It is an important component for an educational institution by facilitating effective teaching learning activities. Its inspires to learn new things of the students and teachers also.


Motivation is a complex force that makes a person to start and keep working in an organization/ institution.

It is inner feelings of desire of an individual which force towards the work.


The features are includes-

  • Its an internal feelings.
  • Motivation is an continuing process.
  • It helps to satisfy needs.

Importance of motivation.

The importance of motivation are as follows-

  • It is important for planning and managing any educational activity. So, it is helps to achieving the institutional goals.
  • Its the integral part of achieving the objectives.
  • Motive is directly proportional to the efficiency teachers/learners.
  • It is inspire to the high dream.
  • The individuals who are motivated right way makes upgrade their efficiency.
  • It helps to fulfill our desire needs and job satisfaction.

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