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8 Characteristics of Primary Group.

Characteristics of primary group.

Primary group.

The concept of primary group is introduced by CH Cooley in his book “Social Organization” in 1909.

The primary groups are the main point or centre of the social organization. They are found in the societies.

The primary groups are social organization which is defines the social processes, institutions, behavior and interaction in the group as community.


According to CH Cooley, “Primary group is characterized by intimate face to face relationship and it is involves sympathy, mutual help and identification”.

Characteristics of primary group.

The characteristics of primary groups are as follows-

Characteristics of primary group.

#1. Intimacy and face to face relationship.

Primary group is social relationship and face to face relation. It is one of the intimate close relationship among members. It makes a internal relationship. Intimacy relationship is related to feelings.

#2. Small in size.

It is a small collection of people. In this group limited people are living together. So, it is a primary group.

#3. Physical proximity.

Social people living together in a particular area and they have a close relationship. Physical proximity means nearness. So, this nearness makes a intimate relationship.

#4. Stable group.

These groups are permanent group. All members of society has their own culture, religion and personal relatives and they are living together. Primary groups people are well educated and their health status is good. So, the primary groups are stable group.

#5. Shared interest.

Primary groups people are living together in a society and they have different different feelings and interests. They always shares their personal information and feelings with others people. The shared interest group is important more than self interest.

#6. Spontaneous relationship.

Primary relation is a voluntary relationship.

#7. Necessary of human qualities and social values.

To live in a society human values, personalities and good attitudes are important. Primary group people has their own value and quality.

#8. Agent of social control.

A society has so many people are there and they have different characteristics and behavior. To control the social, they makes a agent. Primary group provide safety and security to all the members.

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