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What is Pathology and Its Branches?


Pathology is derived from the Greek word “Pathos” and “Logy“. The pathos means “Separate” and “Logy” means the “study of subject”.

Definition of pathology.

Pathology is the branch of medical science and which is deals the study and diagnosis of disease.

The pathology also refers to the nature of diseases.

Branches of Pathology.

Branches of pathology are as follows-

Branches of Pathology.

#1. Anatomical pathology.

The anatomical pathology is the study of disease about the whole ( tissues and organs ) body. In this anatomical branch diagnosis the disease on the basis of macroscopic, microscopic, biochemical, immunological and molecular examinations of the whole body.

The anatomical pathology is involved two branches of pathology.

  • General pathology.
  • Veterinary pathology.

#2. Clinical pathology.

The clinical pathology is study of disease of body fluids based on the laboratory and analysis. Clinical pathology diagnosis the diseases through the examination of urine, blood, stool etc.

#3. Dermatopathology.

This is the branch of medical pathology which is deals with the skin diseases. In this branch specially focused on the causes of skin diseases.

#4. Forensic pathology.

It is the branch of pathology that focuses on the causes of death by examination of corpse. In this branch find out the causes of death through the post mortem.

#5. Hematopathology.

Hematology is the study of blood cells. The Hematopathology is the study of diseases of blood cells. It is find out the diseases on the basis of urine examination.

#6. Histopathology.

It the branch of pathology that deals with the tissue related diseases or disorders. And microscopic examination of tissue.

#7. Molecular pathology.

It is study of diagnose the disease through the examination of body fluids, tissue and molecules. The molecular pathology is most commonly used in diagnosis cancer and infectious diseases.

#8. Surgical pathology.

Surgical pathology is the branch of pathology which is refers to the study of diseases surgery of specific area. It is involves also gross and microscopic examination.

Methods and techniques of pathology.

1. Autopsy:-

An autopsy is surgical procedure performed on a corpse after death. And it is performed to understand the person causes of death.

The autopsy will be conducted by an experienced physician who has specialized in pathology, a determining the cause of death will require a vast understanding of disease & injury.

2. Biopsy:-

Biopsy method is used for the find out the disease from the tissue or sample cells examination. Biopsy is medical test which is performed by a surgeon, radiologist etc.

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