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What are the Causes of Over Population?


The word population means unexpected over growth of people. The growth of population is very rapid. And increasing of people in per kilometer of area.

The increasing of people is a big problem some country even India also. The problem of over population has almost become world phenomenon today.

World population milestone.

Population (in billions)          1               2                 3                 4                 5                  6                7

Year                                         1804        1927           1959           1974           1987           1999          2012

Year elapsed                           —-           123             32                15                13                12              13

Causes of Over Population.

There are so many causes of over population.

causes of over population.

#1. Widening gap between birth and death rate:-

In the year 1951-1961 the average annual birth rate was 42/1000 population in India. But it came down 28.7 per thousand in the year 1993. The average death rate was 27/1000 population in the year 1951-1961 and it is decrease 9.3 in the year 1993. The population birth rate more than death rate. Hence the widening gap has increase our population rapidly.

#2. Low age at marriage:-

It is one of the effective cause of growth population. In India were performed 72 percentage of marriage in low age according to the year 1931 of census. Hence the population is continuously increasing. In the year of 1901 to 1991 the female low age at marriage rate 13.1 to 18.4 and male low age marriage rate 20.0 to 22.9.

#3. Illiteracy:-

Illiteracy is major problem of increase population. Family planning has a link with education. And uneducated people are performed at low age marriage. The education can make a personal liberal, broad minded, open to new ideas, and rational. In India the male and female literacy percentage is 63.8 and 39.4 in the year 1992.

#4. Environmental factors:-

The physical environment exerts effect through the postulated of climate on or reproductive span of woman. 

According to the findings of “Age of consent committee” above 80% of the Indian girls get their first menstruation between the ages of 12 and 15 and about 50% of them get married before they complete the 16th years. 

#5. Religious attitudes towards family planning:-

The religiously orthodox and conservative people, are against the use of family planning measures. There are woman who disfavor family planning on the plea that they can not go against the wishes of God. 

#6. Other causes:-

Most of the people don’t know that sexuality and how to use condom. It is one of the cause of growth population. Joint family system and lack of responsibility of young couples in these families to bring up their children. 

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