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7 Problems of Modern Family Sociology.

Modern family. 

Modern family is refers to the smallest family which is consists of husband, wife and their children. The modern Families are separates from the joint family and they are makes separate house. The modern family members are independence. Modern family women are earning the money. 

Family disintegration. 

Family disintegration refers to the break down of the family system. It is separation between man and woman. The reason of family disintegration such as misunderstanding, low income, quarrels etc. So, the family disintegration means discontinue a relationship. 

Various problems of modern family.

The following points are the various problems of modern family.

Various problems of modern family

  • 1. Divorce. 

The large number of divorce see in the modern family. They did love marriage. They are divorce each other because of misunderstanding. 

  • 2. Misunderstanding. 

In the modern family has a lot of misunderstanding such as beliefs, telling lies etc. Most of the love marriages are break due to the misunderstanding. Sometime small mater can create a big problems due to the  misunderstanding.

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The economy is basic needs of the people as well as family. Money is the stability of a family. Money is the common problem of the family. Some modern family has a lot of money problem because they are not work. They are spend a big amount of money drinking alcohol, smoking etc. So, money is a big problem of modern family.

  • 4. Alcoholism. 

Most of the people are taking alcohol. The alcohol is causes cancer and even death. When a person takes alcohol in that time he/ she doesn’t know the stability. Taking alcohol is create lots of problems like money, physical, mental as well as environmental. Most of modern family members are taking alcohol. So, alcoholism is an another problem of modern family.

  • 5. Argue. 

Argue is the a common problem of family. Modern Families are perform love marriage. And the modern family couples both husband and wife are equal. They are argue sometime because they are same age, education. Sometime they are argue for preparing food because they both are having jobs. So, it is a big problem. 

  • 6. Respect. 

Respect is refers to the giving value. Every wife should give respect or value of her husband. When a wife doesn’t give respect to her husband, it is not possible to take respect from her husband. For example give respect and take respect. In modern family there is less respect because they are both earnings money. So, it’s major problem of modern family.

  • 7. Un-adjustment. 

Un-adjustment is the another problem of joint family. When a wife is not adjust her husband family. She is feel alone and behave like other person. She needs separation from this family due to the un-adjustment.

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