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Social Stratification Found in India Sociology.

Social stratification. 

The process by which Individuals and groups are ranked is a permanent hierarchy of status known as stratification. Every society has some groups. The societies had some form of social stratifications. 

The stratification refers to the distribution of unequal rights, freedom, values, norms and privileges among the people of society. 

Its means the division of social into some classes. The social classes are poor, rich, politician, and cultural classes etc. 

Definition of social stratification. 

“Social stratifications are horizontal division of society into higher and lower social units”. 

Un-stratification society with real equality of its members is a myth, that can never be realized in the history of mankind. 


There are so many characteristics of social stratification as follows- 

characteristics of social stratification

  • 1. Stratification is social. 

It is not focuses on the biological and environmental traits. It is specially focuses on the internal traits of the social people. So, it is gives importance of individual personality, attitudes, characteristics, education skills experience etc. 

  • 2. Stratification is universal. 

The social stratifications are natural and universal phenomenon. Every social has poor and rich differences between the people. So, every society is stratified. 

  • 3. Stratification is ancient. 

Stratification is not running now. It is old phenomenon. So, is it running generation to generation. 

  • 4. Stratification is diverse in its form. 

Stratification of social is different from one society to another society. 

  • 5. Stratification is consequential. 

There are two kinds of consequences- 

  • Life changes. 

Social stratification changes the life. It includes physical and mental illness. 

  • Life style. 

It changes the life style. Division is forces the male house, education. It is makes the standard living. 

Functions of stratification. 

  • Important functions of stratification is includes- 
  • Stratification is helps to know about status and quality of an individual. 
  • It helps to making personality in the society. 
  • It is differentiate between the rich and poor people. 
  • Stratification provide for the placement and motivation of individuals to effect the performance of their necessary social duties. 
  • It changes the life style. 

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