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Characteristics of caste System In India.

Caste system. 

The word “caste” is derived from the Spanish word “Casta” which means bread, race or a complex of hereditary qualities. The term caste is famous in India known by the name of “Jati”. The English word caste is an adjustment of the original term. 


When a class is some what strictly hereditary we may call it as caste. 

Caste status is wholly predetermined so that men are born to their lot without any hope of changing it, then class takes the extreme form of caste. 

Characteristics of caste system. 

The society is divided into various caste system. Some caste is determines by the birth. Born is determine by the caste system like, some people are born in Hindu caste system. And some are Muslim caste system and others. 

Characteristics of caste system is includes-

Characteristics of caste system

  • 1. Hierarchy of status.  

Every caste system has their ranking status. Some castes are top ranker high status and some caste are below top ranker and some caste are down. The Brahmins in India at the top of the social leader. 

  • 2. Restrictions of food habits. 

Restrictions of food habits means every caste has their own foods. Some caste does not like other caste particular goods. For example the Hindus are not like eat beef and the Muslim caste doesn’t to drink alcohol and pig meat. And the Brahmins are accept pakka foods (prepare by ghee and milk) from other community. 

  • 3. Restrictions on marriage. 

Every caste has their own roles and regulations and values. One caste people doesn’t marry other caste people. But now it is completely ban. For example the Hindu people does not marry with Muslim people. 

  • 4. Social and religious disabilities. 

A community is includes caste and religious people. The lower caste people are suffering from social and religious disabilities. 

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