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Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint family System.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint family System.


The joint family is a group of people where three generations living together. Husband, wife, married and unmarried children. Joint families are institutions in many traditional societies. 

Definition of joint family. 

Joint family is a group of people who generally live under one roof, who eat food cooked at one hearth, who hold property in common and who participate in common family worship and are related to each other some particular type of kindest.

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Advantages of joint family. 

Advantages of joint family

  • Stable and durable. 

These family are more stable and it is long time duration. and these are more strong than the nuclear family. 

  • Ensures economy of expenditure. 

Joint family as a system of all members income is submitted to head of the family. The joint family system is saving the more money and expend where needs. The joint Families are economically strong. 

  • Provide society security. 

Joint family is provide security and control the society. The joint family strong and they help the poor people, disabled peoples. It is control the social institution, organization and culture and tradition. It can improve the society or community. 

  • Provide leisure. 

The joint family work on the basis of the age and sex. It’s older members are not working. It is provide leisure to injured persons. 

  • Promote cooperative virtues. 

The aims of joint family is living together and co-operate, collaboration each other of its members. It is provide help to the people of social. The joint family work together. So, main aim of joint family is “all for one and one for all”. 

  • Ensure economically progress 

Economic progression is nothing but it is growing of the economy. The joint family need its members serve as food, clothes and shelter. 

Disadvantages of joint family. 

  • Towards development of personality. 

The family does not enough scope for the members. It is not give to change express their opportunities, opinions. The joint family members does not take any action or decision. They can’t express their own experience. 

  • The place of quarrels. 

The joint family has large number of people. Every woman comes from the different family and their background is different. Some women are not adjust the joint family properly. The quarrels taken place between the elder and younger members of the family. 

  • Enjoyment. 

The joint family has less enjoy because of always flow the head of the family. 

  • Affects of socialization of children. 

Due to the joint family the children is affected very badly. The parents doesn’t give attention of their children as per they needs. And the parents give attention to the up bringing children. 

  • Suppress the status of woman. 

Every woman has their own freedom and personality. The joint Families are not give proper freedom and to develop their personality. And their inner feelings are never express. 

  • Denies privacy.

The joint family members they can’t express their love affection presence of other members. The can not discuss to talk about their personal matters. So, they fight each other for intimacy. 

  • Fear of uncontrolled reproduction. 

The joint family want more children. The do not control the birth rate. 

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