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Changes in Caste System in India.

Caste system. 

The word “caste” is derived from the Spanish word “Casta” which means bread, race or a complex of hereditary qualities. The term caste is famous in India known by the name of “Jati”. The English word caste is an adjustment of the original term. 

Definition of caste. 

When a class is some what strictly hereditary we may call it as caste. 

Caste status is wholly predetermines so that men are born to their lot without any hope of changing it, then class takes the extreme form of caste. 

Changes in caste system in India.

Following points are c recent changes see in the caste system.

Changes in caste system

  • 1. Changes in traditional occupational. 

In earlier time some job/ work was permanent for some or higher caste. But now it changes because every caste are equal. When caste system changes its traditional occupation and adopt different one. So, it is recently change in the caste system. 

  • 2. Migration. 

It the past time communication system was not there. When a person was changes or migrates from one region to it, that time contact was difficulty with earlier place. But now it change because of well communication. 

  • 3. Customary changes. 

The old caste system was reject the new caste system because they were beliefs the old custom. But now it totally change or develop into the new caste practices and habits. 

  • 4. Preservation of old practices. 

Preservation is refers to store something. Some caste or group people they are preserve their old tradition roles, values. But it is changes to the new manes. So, it is the formation of new caste. 

  • 5. Role of religious enthusiasts. 

Some caste system are creates the religious enthusiasts. They are motivated to religion by the speech. This result the people changes their caste, religion etc. So, it recent change in the caste system. 

  • 6. Evolutionary theory. 

Denzil Ibbeston has presented this evolutionary theory of origin of caste system. He identities the caste system is emerged slowly and gradually. The factors include purity of blood, devotion to a particular profession, theory of Karma, Geographical location and isolation.

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