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What is Jajmani System? and its Advantages.

Jajmani system. 

The term “Jajmani” derived from the Vedic word “Yajman” who in Vedic times conducted Yajna or fire sacrifice to appease the God. 

The Jajmani system was an economic system of most famous village in India. The lower caste people was performs various work to the upper caste. As a work payment they were got grains, fodder, clothes, milk etc. Which was provides economic security. 

Some sociologists said that every caste aspects helps from other people or caste. 

It is defined as the economic relation by the doing something to the higher caste. 

It was running in the old caste system. In that time there were a lot of poor people. Jajmani system was for the fulfills of economy of people. 

It the first time Jajmani system is made by William H. Wiser. The Kameen and Jajman are important part of Jajmani system. 

Now this system is not found in the village. Present time This system is converted into the money. So, now increasing of the transport and communication. 

Advantages of Jajmani systems. 

Jajmani System

  • 1. Security of occupation. 

It was for the job/ work. It helps to the security of family.  

  • 2. Economic security. 

It is fulfill the economy in the form of grains, clothes, milk etc from the upper caste. So it helps the economic system. 

  • 3. Close and intemate relation. 

There is close and intemate relationship between the Kameen and Jajman. This relationship develops under the Jajmani system. It makes a close relationship to the other or upper caste people. 

  • 4. Peaceful living. 

This system is provide employment to the lower caste people. They are fulfill their economic problems of the family. So, they are provide peaceful living. 

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