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Family! Various Forms of Family in Sociology.

Introduction of family. 

Families are the primary group. Family is social institution and it is the basis of society. Family is center point of the social or community. And the family fulfills the basic needs of the society. Family is teaches us the habits or behavior. 

The term derived from the Roman word “Families” or the Latin word “Familia” meaning a household comprising or servants or workers and of slaves along with others individuals having marriage or blood relatives. 

The word like “Kutumba” and “Parivaar” have more or less the same meaning. 

Definition of family. 

Family is the biological, social unit, composed of husband, wife and children. 

 Family is durable association of husband and wife with or without children or of a man or woman alone with children. 

The family is defined as a group of people who are live in a society. The family includes husband, wife and their children. 

Various forms of family. 

Various forms of family as following-

Various forms of family

#1. Authority or power. 

  • Matriarchal family. 

It is one type of family where the woman is head of the family. This type of family is manage by the woman. It is also known as mother center family. So, the women are owner of the family. 

  • Patriarchal family. 

Patriarchal family is also known as the father center family. The father is the head of the family and manage by the father. So, it is most popular form of family. 

  • Egalitarian family. 

The egalitarian family is defined as the parents are equal responsibility and duty. In this family the poverty is goes to equal for the sons and daughters. 

#2. Depth generation. 

  • Joint family. 

Joint family is a group of people where three generations living together. Husband, wife, married and unmarried children. Joint family like a institution in many traditional societies. 

Its a group of people who generally live under one roof, who eat food cooked at one hearth, who hold property in common and who participate in common family worship and are related to each other some particular type of kindest. 

  • Nuclear family. 

Nuclear family is known as modern family. Modern family is refers to the smallest family which is consists of husband, wife and their children. The modern Families are separates from the joint family and they are makes separate house. The modern family members are independence. Modern family women are earning the money.

#3. Residence. 

  • Matrilocal family. 

 After marriage the wife is stays in her mother house in residence family. And they husband is stays in his sisters house. The husband sometime visits the wife house for the sex relationship.

  • Patrilocal family. 

Its a residence basis family. When the sons are matured and married they are leave the father family and start a new life with his wife. The doughters are go to husband house after marriage.

  •  Changing residence family. 

This type of family the marriage couples are change their residence after marriage. Sometime the wife join her husband house and the husband sometime visits wife house. 

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#4. marriage. 

  • Polygynous. 

Polygynous is a process of marriage where a man marries more than one woman. This marriage is more perform in India among the Nagas, Goud, and Bigas. 

The polygynous is divided into two sub-types – 

  • Sororal polygynous. 

This is a form of marriage which is perform by a man marries with the same sisters. The sororate refers to the sister. 

  • Non sororal polygynous. 

Non sororal polygynous is an another type of marriage of polygynous which is complete by a man marries two different women. There is no relatives sisters and any one can perform. 

  • Polyandrous.

Polyandrous is a type of marriage in which the woman can marries more than one man. So, its called polyandrous marriage. It is less number of marriages are perform. Its not a popular marriage. 

Polyandrous marriage is two categories- 

  • Fraternal polyandrous marriage. 

Fraternal polyandrous marriage is a system where the two brothers are Marry one woman. In this type of marriage one brother called husband and another is called levirate. 

  • Non fraternal polyandrous marriage. 

This type of marriage in which the woman marry two different man. There is no long time relation but woman can spend time any one husband. 

  • Monogamous. 

Monogamous is a form of marriage which is one man marries one woman. The monogamous people are not marry two or more woman. This is a most popular marriage in the world. 

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