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Characteristics of Rural Community in Sociology.

Rural community.

The rural or village is derived from the Latin word “Villaticus” means belonging a farmhouse. 

The starting point of life is village with the sense of “we feeling and cooperation”. 

Rural community is refers to geographical boundaries where people are living together. It is village society. The rural people are mainly depends on the agriculture. 

Village people are less compare to the urban community. 

Definition of rural community. 

“The rural community comprises of the constellation of institutions and persons grouped about a small center and sharing common primary interest”. 

Characteristics of rural community. 

The various characteristics of rural community s following-

Characteristics of rural community

  • 1. Agricultural occupation. 

The main source of occupation is agriculture. The rural people are surviving on the depends of agriculture. It includes animal boundary, poultry, fishing, forming and agricultural products. 

  • 2. Natural environment. 

The villages has their natural setup. Rural people are taking proper oxygen direct from the nature. The natural things are include such as animals, birds, ponds, rivers and other natural things. The villages are made by nature. 

  • 3. Low density of population. 

Naturally villages are small in size and the rural community population density is low. The density is refers to the number of people are living in a square kilometer area. 

Normally the rural community density of population is low because the villages are not has any industries. 

  • 4. Law mobility. 

Mobility is refers to the movement of people from one place to another. Movement to the rural community is low because the transportation or communication is less. And other reason is villages are has not any industries. 

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  • 5. Less education. 

The village people are not high educated because they are work in agricultural fields. They are focuses on the agriculture. So, there is less education in the village. 

Most of the village people are perform child marriage. Lack of education and force of their customs and values help them to have child marriage. 

  • 7. Stable public opinion. 

Village people are not change their decision. The education, transportation, communication changes the public opinion. And the village people has joint family. Head of the family member makes the decision. 

  • 8. Low status of woman. 

The village community women are not that much educated. And the women are not take any decision. 

  • 9. Less political consciousness. 

The effects of politics of villages are less. Because they are interest in day to day activity. So, there is no political engagement. 

The rural community is like a large family. It is under the primary group. They have a primary relationship. 

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