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Characteristics of Urban Community in Sociology.

Urban community. 

High development of villages are the urban community or the city. The city or urban community is called because of the religion, politics, high economy and industrialization. The urban community is famous for the industrialization. 

Definition of city. 

“A city is limited geographical area inherited by a large and closely settled population having many common interest and industries under local government authorized by the state”. 

Growth of cities. 

The growth of cities are following reasons- 

  • Industrialization.

Industrialization can growth of the cities. The industries make products and distribute. And it is improve the economy of urban community. 

  • Migration of people. 

The rural community people are moving towards the cities. They are migrate for the work purpose. 

  • Education. 

Due to the education urban people are launches the new products. 

The transportation and communication system is very good in the cities, that’s why cities are growing very fast. Because the transportation is help the products distribution. And the communication is help the communicate and deals with other countries. 

Characteristics of urban community. 

The various characteristics of urban community as following-

Characteristics of urban community

  • 1. Non agricultural occupation. 

Urban community people has not any agricultural occupation. Their occupations are includes industries, trade, commerce, education and government. 

  • 2. Artificial environment. 

Urban communities are made by man, because the factories, modern roads, industries, railways, building all are made by man. The urban community has not natural environment. So, urban community is artificial environment. 

  • 3. Large in size. 

Cities are consist of large group of people. In a small area very large number of people reside. 

  • 4. High density of population. 

The density of population is high in the city area. The density is refers to the number of people in a per square kilometer area. 

  • 5. Problematic. 

A lot of problems are there in urban community. Where is more population, there is more problems. The modern cities problems are crime, slums and moral, murder, theft, rape etc. 

Individualism. The urban people are make decision by own self. Because they are self dependent. 

  • 6. Small family. 

The urban people has small family. The modern family includes husband, wife and their children. They are not like more than two children. 

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