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Difference Between Rural and Urban Community in Sociology.

Rural community

The rural or village is derived from the Latin word “Villaticus” means belonging a farmhouse. 

The starting point of life is village with the sense of “we feeling and cooperation. 

Rural community is refers to geographical boundaries where people are living together. It is village society. The rural people are mainly depends on the agriculture. And the village people are less compare to the urban community. 


“The rural community comprises of the constellation of institutions and persons grouped about a small center and sharing common primary interest”. 

Urban community. 

High development of villages are the urban community or the city. The city or urban community is called because of the religion, politics, high economy and industrialization. The urban community is famous for the industrialization. 

Difference between rural and urban community. 

The difference between rural and urban community as following-

  • The rural community people has agricultural occupation like poultry and handicrafts. 

The urban community people has not agricultural occupation. They have industrial and government occupation. 

  • Rural community has natural environment.

Urban community has artificial or man made environment. 

  • The size rural community is small. 

The size of urban community is large. 

  • Density of population is low. So, it is normal population community. 

Density of population is high. So, it is over population community. 

  • Rural people are living in a same lifestyle. 

The urban community, there are differences between rich and poor. 

  • The rural people are moves towards the urban community. 

The urban people are not moves towards the rural community. 

  • Literacy rate is low and education facilities are less compare to urban community. 

Literacy rate is more than the rural community and education facilities are more. 

  • Large family and extended family. 

Small or nuclear family. 

  • There is less political consciousness. 

More political consciousness. 

  • In the rural community has child marriage process. 

There is no children marriage process. 

  • There is personal, close, direct and intimate relationship. 

Impersonal, direct and abstract relationship. 

  • No industrial community in rural areas. 

Industrial community. 

  • The rural people are depends on the nature. 

Urban peoples are depends on the commercial and complex. 

  • The transportation, communication and electricity facilities are less. 

The transportation, communication and electricity facilities are high. 

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