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Role of Nurse in Social Change in Sociology.

Social change. 

Change of social is natural. The social changes occurred in all societies. Social change is may be favorable or unfavorable. 

Social change is refers to the something is happens new. It is includes climate, session, political, education etc. 

Definition of social change. 

“Social change as any alterations as occurs in social organization that is the structure and functions of society”. 

Role of nurse in social change. 

Role of nurse in social change as following-

 “If the millions of nurses in a 1000 different places articulate the same ideas and convictions and can together as one force, they could act as a powerhouse for change. 

Change agent is an individual who is helps or facilitates in bringing positive change in any community. 

We are talking about of nurse who is an agent of social changer. The nurse plays an important role in social change. It can bring positive health effect of the community or social people. 

The nurse can improve the health status of the social people or community individual. The nurse can the health status various fields such as schools, colleges, social institutions etc. 

Nurse should have their health behavior. And the nurse should have the potential and opportunity as an agent for change their families, patients and communities. 

Through the education a nurse can change or improve the social health. Nurse can solve the social problems and help the community people to achieve their purposeful goals. So, the nurse plays a vital role as a change agent. 

Nurse can build a research center in the community. Where the community people will come and they are study abroad the social development. And they can study about how prevent diseases and live a healthy lifestyle.

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