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Family! Changes Occurred in the Modern Family.


Marriage is one of the universal relationship. It is established two opposite sex persons. A marriage is a cultural process. A marriage is very purposeful in the society. 

Definition of marriage. 

Marriage as “The more or less durable connection between male and female lasting beyond the mere act of propagation till after the birth offspring. 

Marriage is a relatively permanent bond between permissible mates. 

Modern family

Modern family is refers to the smallest family which is consists of husband, wife and their children. The modern Families are separates from the joint family and they are make separate house. Modern family members are independence. Modern family women are earning the money. 

Changes occurred in the modern family. 

The following points are changes occurred in the modern family.

Changes occurred in the modern family

  • Dependent. 

They are not depend any other family. They are self dependent. 

  • Economy. 

Economic status is increases in these family Because of both husband and wife are income money. 

Modern family health status is good because they are educated. They are active for the health. 

  • Standard in living. 

They are living in standard. They are living in a enjoy life and buying nutritional food to maintaining their health. 

  • Education. 

Every modern family people are educated. They are specially focuses on the education and trending life. 

  • Separation. 

 It is separates from the joint family. They don’t like joint family. And they have two children. 

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