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Functions of Family in Sociology.

Introduction of family. 

The family is a primary group. Family is the social institution and it is the basis of society. Family is the center point of the social or community. And the family fulfills the basic needs of the society. Family is teaches us the habits or behavior. 

The term derived from the Roman word “Families” or the Latin word “Familia” meaning a household comprising or servants or workers and of slaves along with others individuals having marriage or blood relatives. 

The word like “Kutumba” and “Parivaar” have more or less the same meaning. 

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Functions of the family. 

The function of family is divided into two types.

functions of family


Essential or primary functions.

Some functions of family are very important to the social life. These are referred to as essential functions of family. 

Stable satisfaction of sex need is very important function of the family. After married the sexual relationship is happen between man and woman. Without sexual relationship the family will not go to long time. Sexual relationship makes a better family. New generation is arise from the sexual relationship. So, it is important function. 

  • Procreation and rearing of children. 

Rearing of the children is very important function of the family. Procreation is common of every family. Every children is expect love, affection, caring, rearing etc from the family. The family father & mother are responsible persons for rearing the children. 

  • Provision of a home. 

Home is basic need of an individual. The home plays an important role in a family. To survive a family home is very need. 

  • Socialization function. 

Family is the agent of socialization and control the social. The family teaches the children with values, the norms, beliefs and Ideas of the society. 

  • Affectional function. 

Affection is refers to the fulfillment of the mental as well as physical needs. The family plays an important role in fulfill the children affection. The family provide the security to its members. 

Non essential or secondary functions. 

  • Economic functions. 

The families are rolled by the economy. Family is fulfills the economic needs of its members. Previously family was and economic unit but now it changed in the modern family. 

  • Education functions. 

The families are like institutions. Children can learn basic things from the family. The social attitudes and behaviors are learn from the family. 

  • Religious functions. 

The religious center point is family. The children can learn the social behavior, cultural behavior, religious practice, values and morals from the family. Religion is passed generation to generation. 

  • Recreational functions. 

It is the way of family enjoyment. Visits the blood relatives, planning for picnics and planning for shopping is done by the family. 

Family is responsible for health of its member. To maintain the health the family provide the nutritional food. The family fulfills the basic needs to maintain the health. 

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