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Flashcards for Studying! Advantages and Disadvantages.

Flash cards. 

Flashcard is a type of hard paper which is containing some pictorial events. The standard form of flash card is 25×30 cm. The flash cards are available in different color. Flash card is use for give massage or notice. It is mostly useful for the small group. 


  1. To provide information to the students and public. 
  2. For providing health teaching to the public. 
  3. To develop the students knowledge and observation skills. 
  4. For give brief information about any events or facts. 
  5. Principles to followed while preparing flash cards. 
  6. Headline should be highlighted. 
  7. It should give clear massage. 
  8. Prepared flash card should attractive. 
  9. Collect the picture related to the topic. 
  10. Written massage on the flash card should be brief and simple follow. 
  11. Information should correct. 
  12. Maintain the recommended size of flash card. 

Instructions while using flashcards. 

  • Give detail information about the lesson to be learnt by the students. 
  • Show the flash card in a appropriate height, all the audience can see it properly. 
  • Explain all the topic and picture on the flash card. 
  • Give more information to the students depending upon their responses. 

Advantages of flashcards. 

Advantages of flashcards are following-

  1. It is provide brief information. 
  2. It is improve our thinking and observation skills. 
  3. Flash card is useful in reviewing a topic. 
  4. This is a presentational discussion which promotes the students interest. 
  5. Collection of data is difficulty which is helps to gain knowledge to collect data from various sources. Because the difficulty data is need more study. 
  6. Any information can share easily. 
  7. Correct information provided by the flash card. 


  • It is not for large group of people. 
  • Preparing flash card is time consuming activity. 
  • Sometime collection of data is difficulty. 

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