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What are the Various Types of Graphs?


Graph is defined as the visual aid which is use to presenting the data. It is present the data horizontal and vertical like line, curve and bar also. The graph contain ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis. And the graph can be prepared manually or using computer. 

The graph is uses for to show the population, income expenditure, mathematics, physics etc. 

Types of graphs. 

There are different types of graphs. 

types of graphs

  • 1. Pie graph. 

Pie graph other name for circle graph. In this graph data is presented in a circular manner. The data is linked one another. Pie graph covers 360° surface area. 

  • 2. Bar graph. 

The bar graph is present in the X and Y axis. In this graph data is represent line manner. The data line may be horizontal or vertical. Bar graph is up and down depends on the data. And the X and Y axis should be correct. 

  • 3. Line graph. 

The line graph mainly use to express the trends and relationship between chosen variables. In this graph data is show in line. The line may be horizontal or vertical and line is depend on the data. All the points connect to make the line graph. 

  • 4. Pictorial graph. 

The pictorial graph is made for the attractive and easy to understand the purposes. The data is present in a pictorial manner as visual symbol shall indicate the quantity. 


  • It improves the knowledge about graph. 
  • It develops the presentation skills in different manner. 
  • Graph is develop our thinking process. 
  • Easy to understand. 
  • Presentation of data is attractive and understandable. 


  • It takes more time to prepare the graph. 
  • Insufficient information is presented there. 
  • Sometime graph is difficulty to understand. 
  • Uneducated people are not understand. 
  • It may lead confusion. 

So, these are the disadvantages of graph. 

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