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Advantages and Disadvantages of poster.


Poster is a graphic aid as well as teaching tool. It is use for capture the attention of audience. In the teaching field picture is important. The picture is uses for various purposes such as advertising of products, publishing the information etc. 


  1. To stimulate the students interest. 
  2. It uses for various advertisement. 
  3. To improving the students observation skills. 
  4. Convey the massage for a leading action. 
  5. Bring awareness regarding the issue. 
  6. Instructions while preparing and using posters. 
  7. Make a plan for poster and choose the massage to be displayed. 
  8. Collect all the information and pictures related to the topic. 
  9. The heading of poster should unique and attractive. 
  10. Only important information should give. 
  11. Poster place should be well lighted area. 
  12. Place the poster above the eye level. 
  13. Use different color for effectiveness. 

Advantages of poster.

Advantages of poster as following-

  • It improves the audience attention. 
  • Easy to understand the topic. 
  • It promote any products or events. 
  • Good posters good motivation with remedial action. 


  • Preparation of poster is time consuming process and more expensive. 
  • Only limited information can give in the poster. 

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