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10 Types of Chart and Purposes of chart.


Chart is a A – V aid which is used for the notice or information. In the chart information is share by the written and pictorial manner. Formal chart used in the institution there is some roles and regulations. A chart consists of picture, graphic, word, numerical etc. 

Chart is a communication process where is given information to publish as well as students. 


  1. Sharing the information. 
  2. To highlight the important points of the topic which have been discussed. 
  3. For regulating the communication process. 
  4. To stimulate the critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  5. Gaining the attention of the students in the classroom. 
  6. Developing the concept of students. 

Types of chart. 

Types of chart

  • 1. Narrative chart. 

Narrative chart is for sharing information. In this chart facts and ideas will be highlighted. It can attracts the individual attention. 

  • 2. Cause and effect chart. 

In this chart there will be two events. In that one happens to be the cause and another one is the effect. 

  • 3. Chain or cycle chart. 

It is a one type of chart where is the facts and ideas are presented by a cycle or chain manner. 

  • 4. Evolution chart. 

It shows the evolution of facts and ideas. There will changes the information in future. 

  • 5. Strip chart. 

Strip chart is a formal chart. The information is show stepwise in strip chart. It is promotes the students interest. The chart is removed after explain the facts or issue. 

  • 6. Pull chart. 

It is use to check the knowledge of the students. The information is hidden by a thick paper. There is information is shown to the students one by one by the teacher removing the thick paper. 

  • 7. Flow chart. 

These charts are contains the diagrams, rectangles and circles. 

  • 8. Tabulation chart. 

This chart is use to show the time table of class. When the information has more types or classification that time this chart is use. And it use for clarify the quality, quantity, practices of a receive or latter. 

  • 9. Flip chart. 

This chart is helps is presenting unexpressed points of a decided topic. 

  • 10. Pie chart. 

The pie chart is a simplest chart. There is present the information in different color. It is use for promoting the students interest. 

So, these are the types of chart.

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