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Flannel Board in Nursing! Advantages & Disadvantages.

Flannel board. 

Flannel board is a visual teaching tool which is use to promote the students interest. Other name for flannel board such as flannel graph, visual board, felt board, choreograph, video graph etc. This is made up of wood, ply or steel material with covers by a soft cloth. It is a story telling board consisting of words, pictures, arts, diagrams etc. The notice pictures are fit on the surface of flannel board. The board may be place inside and outside the room with proper lighted area. 

Background picture should related to the topic and massage should correct. 

Instructions while using flannel board. 

Collect all the material and arrange the material in sequential orders. 

Using picture should topic related and run complementary while changing pictures. 

Create appropriate meaning using flannel board. 


  • It is improve the creativity or observation skills. 
  • There is a lot of pictures and information can give. 
  • Flannel chart is used by the teacher for helping the students to recognize and learn alphabets. 

Flannel board disadvantages. 

The flannel board disadvantages are as follows-

  • Preparation is time consuming process. 
  • The cost of making of flannel board is more expansive. 
  • Sometime collection of picture is difficulty. 
  • It is not understandable for uneducated people. 

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