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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulletin Board.

Bulletin board. 

Bulletin board is like a notice board but other name is soft board. The bulletin board is made up of wood or aluminium with a soft cloth. The soft cloth is use for pins or tags pierced on it. The bulletin board can be placed in side and outside the room above the eye level. The standard size of bulletin board is 1.5×2 meters. In the bulletin board we can give photograph, notice, advertisement, poster, boucher, poem etc. can be displayed on it. And it should a decorative manner. 

Pin board, notice board are two other name of bulletin board. It is uses for the public notice and advertisement. The notice is visual for limited time period. 

Instructions while using bulletin board. 

  1. Collect all the data and equipment. 
  2. Keep in mind the color combination and contrast. 
  3. Place the bulletin board in high lighted area. 
  4. It looks should a decorative manner. 
  5. Bulletin board should place on above the eye level. 
  6. The notice or advertisement should neat and clean. 

Advantages of bulletin board. 

  1. It improve the students interest. Easy to publish the notice or advertisement. 
  2. It is easy to understand and it should attractive manner. 
  3. Only important notice are there. 
  4. Supplement the classroom teaching. 
  5. It improves our observation skills. 
  6. Helps in making the teaching session effective. 
  7. Report special activity. 
  8. One positive point, bulletin board can reusable. 

So, these are the advantages of bulletin board. 


  1. It takes more time for preparation of board. 
  2. Sometime data collection is difficulty. 
  3. Only help for educated people not for uneducated people. 
  4. Difficulty to understand if the board is not well lighted area. 
  5. Expansive for making the bulletin board. 
  6. Sometime pins comes out and notice fall down. 

So, these are the disadvantages of bulletin board. 

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