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Characteristics of Chalkboard and Its Advantages.

Chalkboard/ blackboard. 

Chalkboard/ blackboard is a old and best tool which is used in classroom for teaching. It uses by the teacher. It is very helpful for explaining and giving note to the students. This is one type of visual A-V aid. 

Blackboard provides a convenient surface, where is write the information or data. It is convey the massage in a visual manner. 

The modern blackboard is available in different colors. The blackboard is made up of wood, ply, hardboard, cement, ground glass etc. Plastic and rubber board is available now. 

Types of chalkboard

Characteristics of chalkboard/ blackboard. 

  1. It should have a plane surface. 
  2. Written material on the board should be easily erasable. 
  3. After erase the board should be cleanliness. 
  4. Place the board above the eye level. 
  5. Instructions while using chalkboard/ blackboard. 
  6. Arrange the chalk and duster. 
  7. Write the heading top of the board. 
  8. Write the information in presentation manner. 
  9. Information should be neat and clean. 
  10. Draw the diagram in large size. 
  11. Use the different color chalk. 
  12. Avoid writing too much information on the board. 


  1. It improves the observation skills and thinking skills. 
  2. It conveys massage in written manner. 
  3. Blackboard can reusable. 
  4. It improves the students interest and knowledge. 
  5. Diagram can draw the blackboard. 
  6. Easy to write and erase. 
  7. It is useful for presentation. 


  1. It is produce dust. 
  2. Sometime writing is not understandable. 
  3. Difficulty in visible for last branches. 
  4. It is expensive for buy chalkboard. 
  5. Sometime we can’t write the full information. 

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