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Graphic aids in Teaching! Advantages and Disadvantages.

Graphic aids 

Generally graphic aid or display boards is use all the schools and colleges. For example blackboard or chalkboard. It is a one type of A-V aid which is uses to share information, to communicate with the students. Bulletin board, flannel chart or magnetic board comes under the graphic aid. 

Purposes of graphic aids.

  1. For giving effective learning education. 
  2. To clarify the students doubt in written communication manner. 
  3. To improve the cognitive process and visuality. 
  4. For sharing the information. 
  5. To make interest and motivate the students. 


The graphic aids are should be neat and clean and specific size. Headline should be clear, bold and top of the board. The information should give short manner and arrange the picture related to the topic. Do not include the extra things. 


  • Graphic aid is improve the students observation and cognitive skills. 
  • Easy to share information. 
  • It is helpful for teaching. 
  • It promotes students interest. 
  • The graphic aid is reusable. 


There is no major disadvantage. 

  • Preparation is time consuming. 
  • Insufficient information is given. 

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