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Process Recording in Nursing! Advantages.

Process recording. 

Process is a clinical teaching method. It is refers to the nurse collect the exact data from the patient. This process helps to doctors and nurses for identification of diseases. 

The recording helps the students to apply theory in practical. This process is very common in psychiatry setup. It includes verbal and non verbal communication. It improves our observation skills and cognitive process  


  1. To collect the exact data from the patient and patient family. 
  2. To build nurse patient relationship. Giving better treatment. 
  3. Clarify the students doubt related to the theory and clinical practice. 
  4. For diagnose the diseases. 
  5. Solving the patients problems. 

Advantages of process recording.

  1. It improves our observation skills. 
  2. It develops the cognitive process. 
  3. Recording is helps to better treatment. 
  4. Improvement of clinical Practices. 
  5. Easy process to recording the data. 
  6. Helps to diagnose the diseases. 
  7. Recording is helps to problem solving of the patient. 


  1. It is time consuming method while collect the data  
  2. Difficulty to treat if the data is missing or loss. 

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