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Advantages of Feedback in Education.


Feedback is refers to the give some information about an object. The feedback is given for modification. It can be positive or negative. For example A teacher is teaching you, after teaching he/ she needs feedback about the class. Because it help to changes in future. So, feedback is important. 

Advantages of feedback in education.

  1. It can improve our knowledge and teaching skills. 
  2. By this method, teacher can know the students capacity and understand or not. 
  3. It helps to modify the negative points. 
  4. Feedback is improve our communication skills, because the feedback is back bone of communication process. 
  5. Feedback is improve the cognitive process. 
  6. This method demonstrates effective ways of asking questions. 

So, these are the advantages of feedback in education.

Disadvantages of feedback.

  • It is time consuming for writing feedback. 
  • In negative feedback sometime diverts our mind. 
  • It can lead confusion. 

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of feedback. 

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