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Bedside Clinical Teaching! Purposes and Advantages.

Bedside clinical teaching. 

All the clinical teaching methods are for to improve the patient care and giving the knowledge about the clinical or hospital setting to the students. Bedside is the clinical teaching method. In the bedside clinic we are discuss about the nursing care in relation to a given patient, where we apply the principles and practices. It is improve the learner observation, communication and interviewing skills. So, it is a effective teaching method for students as well as clinical setting. 

Purposes of bedside clinical teaching. 

  1. For provide clinical experience to the nursing students. 
  2. To improve the nurse patient relationship. 
  3. For collect the information from the patient. 
  4. To improve quality of nursing care. 
  5. Promoting problem solving abilities among the nursing students. 
  6. Points to be remembered while recognizing bedside clinic. 

Establishment of rules of conduct. 

In hospital setting there are some rules and regulations. The students should not talk unnecessarily in the ward. 

The students should not use mobile phone in the ward. The nurse or students should maintain discipline in the ward or hospital. And their behavior should proper or respectful. The nurse should think all patients are same and respects the patients rights. And they should not justify the caste, poor, rich, black, white of the patients. 

Make a interpersonal relationship. 

Nurse and patient should have a good interpersonal relationship. It release the patient anxiety and fear. So it is a point to be remembered while organizing bedside clinic. 

Communication techniques. 

When the bedside clinical procedure is explain there is suitable communication is needs. A good communication is helps to better treatment. 


  1. It improves the observation and communication skills. 
  2. Helps to build a relationship among patient and nurse. 
  3. It improves our thinking skills. 
  4. Bedside clinic develops the ward environment. 
  5. It promotes students students knowledge. 
  6. It provide knowledge about clinical setting. 

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