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Nursing Rounds! Types of Nursing Rounds.

Nursing rounds.

Nursing rounds is refers to the observation around the patients for providing real knowledge to the students. In hospital setting the ward nurse or ward in charge is teaches nursing practical, how to observe, care, treat the patient. The nurse patient relation takes place by the verbal and non verbal communication. In nursing round discuss the clinical case, medical management and nursing care provided to the patient. 

Types of nursing rounds.

There is three types of nursing rounds-

Types of nursing rounds

  • 1. Routine round. 

In routine rounds, the staff working a particular nurse makes a relationship with the patients. The ward nurse is check the patient minimum three to four times. So, the ward nurse is acquaint with all admitted patient. 

  • 2. Instructional round. 

The instructional round is refers to the doctor or head of the staff nurse is check the patient and gives the instructions. And the instructor is collect the data about the patient from the ward duty nurse. 

  • 3. Problem solving round. 

The problem solving round helps the nursing staff as well as students to interview the patients. It is helps the patients problem solving. And it helps to make assessment regarding the patients needs. 


  1. Demonstrate the real patient to the students. 
  2. For identify the signs and symptoms of diseases. 
  3. To demonstrate the effects of treat on the patient. 
  4. To provide comprehensive and holistic nursing care to the patients. 
  5. Points to be remembered while planning nursing rounds. 
  6. Arrange all the clinical material for planning nursing rounds. 
  7. Explain all the procedure to the patient or patient family. 
  8. Summarize towards the end of the session. 
  9. The demonstrate should not effects on the patients. 
  10. Documents the nursing rounds in the ward teaching records with a summary of nursing points. 
  11. Don’t forget to thank for his/ her cooperation. 

Conducting nursing rounds. 

Conducting nursing rounds at first select a big ward/ room. And then arrange all the equipment and collection of data require for nursing rounds. Select the 5-6 patients for the nursing rounds. Teacher is demonstrates the presentation along with procedure or practical. The students are responsible for vital signs check such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, examining the conjunctiva etc. After completed the demonstration, the students should documented. 


  • It is improve our cognitive process. 
  • It helps to observe the patients. 
  • We can experience about the patient condition. 
  • We can gain knowledge about the nursing rounds and responsibilities of ward nurse. 
  • It helps to managing and caring the patient. 
  • The students can clarify their doubt related to the theory. 

So, these are the nursing round advantages. 


There is no major disadvantages.

  • It is time consuming while observe the patient. 
  • It is not safety for the patient while performing the nursing rounds. 

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